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Hmmm ... good idea on the chat and donating books.




You know, I hate to say it, but someone probably looked at that and thought, "Aw, a nice positive adoption story." Sigh.

I just donated the whole "Akimbo" series by Alexander McCall Smith to my son's school library. They do have a decent collection, but it's pretty short on books featuring non-white characters, unless they are non-fiction.


choke...chalk this one up to what I call "ignorance" in that people just don't get it.

The most offensive thing that has happened to me lately with Abe is that a mom practically tackled me during pre-school drop-off and demanded to know why Abe wasn't going to catechism (I live in Italy and). I explained I'm not a practicing catholic and neither is my husband (and it's none of your f--ing business anyway), and we were happy to have Abe learn about religion during religion class (Catholic because g-d forbid they should teach OTHER religions during religion class).

Not happy, she cornered me again saying they (the catechists) had come up with a wonderful idea for the xmas catechism play about an African village that finds a book ... oh it's the Bible and so forth. Nice I said. Well as a "gift" to the children in the play, they are donating "a child adopted at distance" and thought it would be just WONDERFUL if Abe COULD GIVE OUT THE GIFT! Nice...just nice....I obviously said NO...told her we have another commitment that day, Abe has his annual Xmas party with our adoption agency and it's more important for him to associate with other adopted children who are also black or brown. She no longer says hello to me....no loss, no grief...just frustration that people JUST DON'T GET IT.


Yea, I'm thinking the same thing as Tafel. Maybe the teacher was happy she had an "adoption book" for the adoptee in her class. I think we really have to be responsible for helping the people in our children's lives to know how WE frame adoption in our families. Obviously we know that not all adoption stuff is of the same caliber, but people on the outside probably don't.


The way they handled things in the 60s .... well, I'm glad we've made progress. I found this short video that tells a beautiful story featuring a woman who grew up in the 60s and late 70s as an adopted daughter. her parents didn't handle it well, but there truly is a happy ending. Check it out if you'd like: http://www.sharewik.com/videos/1751104

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