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Oohhh, that gets me too. Like leaving 2 kids new to your family for CHRISTMAS of all things will be good for them?? I don't think I'd be able to help myself from a snarky reply!


I don't think you are being judging at all! We were foster to adopt, and not only are they YOUR children now, more then likely they are getting paid for "fostering" your own children! Some people have a lot of nerve!

We nearly missed my Aunt's funeral, because I needed permission to take Mea across state lines for the service and was having trouble getting it in time, but I was NOT going to leave my baby who had only been home for a month in someone else's care, especially a stranger.

I'm with you, some people. Got my blood boiling a little bit!


i must say I agree with you. We decided to foster to adopt and received our children's placement two weeks before Christmas. We were not expecting it to happen before the holidays and financially could not afford to do the gifts we had bought for our bio kids so made a quick decision that we either had to borrow the money, or return the other kids gifts which is exactly what we did. I wouldn't be able to teat them differently or leave them behind. If you are getting the email then make your voice be heard. That family needs to realize that they are responsible for the care and well being of the new members of their family.


I just don't get people. I can't add anything else, but put myself in the kids' shoes...being left behind at Christmas by your NEW FAMILY ?


You don't know the whole story...because someone's mother, not even the people themselves, is telling you their story and asking for money. I have a hard enough time with people asking for money to finance their adoptions. This would just push me over the edge!


I'm with you on judging this family - so sorry their new family members are such an inconvenience! Sheesh!


eyes just popped out of my sockets! why do people suck so much! thanks lovely stupid people that just keep giving good adoptive parents a bad name. Did you respond? I want to respond. Judge away except that we shouldn't but come on!

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