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A dish I've done at potlucks is artichoke dip. It can be fixed the night before, refrigerated and then heated up in the nukeular oven. Does it technically qualify as a type of salad? Artichokes are vegetables right? It's 1 cup of mayo; 1 cup sour cream; 8 oz fresh grated parmesan. Bake in the oven until bubbly brown.


Fruit salad is always pretty easy, too. I make one with canned pineapple (big chunks), strawberries, blueberries, apple cut into chunks, kiwi or banana, and halved grapes or really whatever fruit I feel like sticking in it. You can make a "dressing" out of the juice from the pineapple, some honey, and lemon juice, it keeps the fruit from browning. Very yummy, everything can be made up the day before, except for the kiwi or banana, tastes super fresh and it's homemade!

How exciting to have been able to connect with Sparkles foster mom, we just got to meet with Mea's foster mom last Sunday, and it made me think of you and Sparkle. I couldn't imagine trying to connect from across the globe! So glad for him that you were able to do it!


WAY too hard. Chips and salsa ~ serve your own damn self! just kidding... I H.A.T.E. bringing food places.

And I think Leigh forgot to add the actual artichokes (I use 1 can).

FB ~ ah, the joys of FB! Good for you! And she "friended" you! I'm sure she'll be giving you more information soon. Nice job, I've been wondering and wondering. Wish I had some leads for my kids (insert jealousy here).



Well I'll be. Smite with with a stupid stick. I surely did leave out the artichokes. Thank you. Yea, add one can of artichoke hearts - chopped finely.

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