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Just ONE potluck once in a while is enough for me, so I pity you.

I'm glad to know that you are the right kind of parent. I would hate to think I've been following your blog all this time if you weren't worthy. ;-)


Glad to see you back. Hope you had a great summer off. I also hate the potluck. I always feel like I am going to end up bringing the thing that everyone else brings.

zunzun (eos)

When I could I would try really hard to arrange things so I could take things like the drinks, paper plates, or other necessary but non edible items...at one job I was known as the Marie Calendar's Girl because I'd always show up with a pie (I was single then...not sure I'd get away w/ it now)...those people would have one almost weekly...I hate them too.


Glad your back! About those potlucks - I love 'em. That's probably where all my weight troubles started - too much food to select from.


I always take chips and dip, I am pathetic, and I don't care. you never know what you will get at a potluck so I am always happy to know that if nothing else I will have my chips and dip to save the meal. sad huh? so cute, a little strawberry!

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