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Isn't it amazing what excites kids? I consider myself independent but when it comes to things like cars, I call the husband or my dad. I've run out of gas a couple of times and I always call them up and say "I'm not sure why it won't start." They know to bring the gas can without even asking first.


Last week my poor sister needed windshield wipers and 2 days later had a flat tire. Her husband and our dad were both out of town, my husband went and saved the day both times...I know where the jack is on my truck, but I haven't got the slightest idea as to where the spare is! I'd be in big trouble!


my rule of thumb is as long as I can say that I can change a flat tire, then I am the woman, but the great thing about being a woman is saying, I don't want to and having a mad do it! yep that is right. I am glad you were saved!

Isabella Pospisil

Wow, I never thought a flat tire dilemma can turn out to be fun. Good thing your husband is always willing to rescue his damsel-in-distress. But for the independent women, a low-down on changing flat tires (or a tow truck service number) is a wanted skill!

Tari Ledsome

It has always been man's responsibility to take care of flat tires. Hehe. But even though it may seem like a difficult task for a woman, it isn't impossible! I'm sure you can do it if only you knew how, but it's such a relief that you have your husband to take care of things. =)

Mickey Doshi

That is so sweet! In my case, I am quite handy with changing tires. I wouldn't mind helping out a stranger on the street. I think there is something about cars that turns men into knights in shining armor.

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