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I love those dog shows on tv. Those folks are very serious about their dogs. They put the dog treats in their mouth to moisten them. Yuck. As much as I love Coco, I would never pre-moisten in my mouth a scooby snack.

I think that's great you wanted to apologize. I've done the same. I grew up in an era where parents never apologized for anything.


I also catch myself speaking meanly or yelling at the kids and feel sick about it. I need to work on that.

Very Serious Dog People (made me chuckle when I read that). I don't understand it. I guess that's because I am not an animal lover.


I can relate, but it is always good to introduce your children to new things. How else will they have the opportunity to find out if they are interested?

and do I ever relate with the talking respectfully. this is something that my husband and I both need to work on so much. when I hear my kids talk to me, I am sick about how I have taught them to talk. yeah, not a fun realization and something that I am always trying to work on. I can tell that you are a very caring, and gentle mother, don't be too hard on yourself.

I would love to watch the serious talk people, I am thinking "best of show" right now.


I meant serious pet people

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