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I like Lands End. Sometimes you can get them on Ebay for a lot less. I like the tie-ups that aren't really tie ups, they just look like it.

Unfortunately, we have more than one pair. They get outgrown so quickly.


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Don't succumb to the Crocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Lands End too. And their summer water shoes are supposed to be antimicrobial, so they are supposed to be anti-stinky.

Their boys canvas slip ons are $9.99 right now! You cannot beat that with a stick. And the kids can get them on ALL BY THEMSELVES! And their mesh water shoes are $19.99.


I like the idea of canvas slip ons. We have some navy ones from Old Navy that have been nice and easy back ups.


I third the Lands End! They are the ONLY shoes my son cannot destroy in a month - he has actually outgrown a pair before ruining them...
Also last year i bought him the Sketchers sandal - it has both a closed toe and heel (so school and daycares like them) and he did not ruin them either.

So don't succumb to CROCS!


Oh we've been anti-Crocs for years...and now both of our big kids wear them nearly all of the time. Not even real Crocs, but knock off crocs...Sigh. They are ugly, but I haven't heard any fuss about "I can't get my shoes on" in months, and I'm loving that!


didn't you buy them last year? so why not, and also, I am a big fan of flip flops for the summer, are you anti flip flop?


I should have read that lands end thing first, sounds fabulous. but my flip flop question needed to be proceeded by why covered toe?

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