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Please send her my way when you're done with her. I need some new throw pillows, and you know, if someone else wanted to be in charge of Astrid Meklit's potty training....


Enjoy the alone time. Love on your sweet husband and enjoy his love for you in such a beautiful place... and don't get in a fight :).


What a nice view. Oh, I'm so ready for some real warm weather and the beach. It's snowing here. Yesterday it was 70.

Aren't moms the best? I love it when my mom watches Dakota, I can always depend on her to get everything done even if I don't ask.


what a wonderful view...enjoy your time...hard to come by w/ little ones so it will be nice.


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


Okay so now that you are back, what did your mom get done for you? I hope it was fabulous since you were crabby in Hawaii!

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