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I sometimes feel badly that I am not saving oodles with coupons, but then I think about how I don't really buy most of what is available via coupons anyway. I'd buy something I wasn't going to buy anyway to save a few cents. Anyway, I am going to go to a coupon class that is at church tonight and see if I am missing out on something or not.


Whenever I decide to take the time to look at coupons, they're never for the stuff I use anyway. I know people who seem to save lots of money with coupons, but when I ask myself "is it worth driving across town to a different grocery store on Tuesday morning" etc, etc, to take advantage of a certain "deal", my time and convenience always seems worth more than the 50 cents, or even 5$. Sure I'll drive for a sale if it's a BIG sale and I'm making a BIG purchase...but for a couple of bucks? Meh.

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