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I do not understand people who do not care what they eat. I think they are from another planet. Seriously. Aliens.

PS. Try Haagen-Daaz White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Wow.

Tonggu Momma

Good rule to live by. And - as for ice cream - stop by Island Snow and get shave ice with vanilla ice cream in the bottom. Oh, yum.

from someone who now lives on the mainland, but misses Oahu dearly


Yes. Being a food LOVER myself, I would do the same as you. Both Tim and I love our food (obvious if you look at us) and we fight about what restaurant to go to sometimes--we're both just so determined to eat what *we* want. And if that ice cream-like food product is available, I usually pass. Gotta eat the good stuff.


So funny

I had a friend that would "forget to eat" - I can forget many things but eating is definitely not one of them!


Your new rule makes total sense - and your post totally cracked me up! Forget to eat, my butt! What a goof your Beloved is. You obviously love him madly.

Life is too short to eat bad ice-cream.


Your husband sounds like mine as far as food - he likes plain non-name brand ice cream that tastes like nothing.

I liked reading this post, Duggar-rish? I must remember that word for my friends: "Girl, girl, girl, you are looking really Duggar-rish today."


Seriously, some of the best food you'll find people selling from trailers/ shacks on the side of the road. Don't pick and choose... go to them all. mmmm I'm so very jealous. I miss it there.


These Hawaii posts are cracking me up - making me think of the Friends episodes where they all went with Ross to the paleontology conference in Hawaii and it rained all week. :)

I'm married to a nerd too. It has its painful moments. :) And the food thing - we're pretty much on the same page, but nothing sticks to my husband's thin frame and everything sticks to mine. Sigh.

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Great story and loved the "eye roll" contribution. I could just see you doing that. I used to wear socks and sandles but the wife cured me early in our marriage.

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