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Tara Livesay

Oh man, I totally get where you are coming from on this. We are right there with you. I have no idea where you live but if you live in MN I have an awesome suggestion for you. We agree that once we master the first two commandments (Love God Love your neighbor) THEN and only then should we be wasting valuable time nit picking over little interpretations of scripture. I think that people need to "know everything" in order to feel in control. To say "I don't know" is like some major failure of faith (or so they seem to think) --- we have come to believe that God is not supposed to be understood - He is that big, that powerful and that AMAZING --- we will not ever get it until we get to Heaven -- we can have our opinions and ideas, but truly, none of us know -- I hope you find a church -- we are serial church hoppers too -- and LOVE a podcast that comes out of Woodland Hills Church in MN --- great thoughts here ... I was attacked for being open to the emerging church movement --- but I don't care -- I am still open to the idea that we are here to be like Jesus -- not to serve our own needs and circle the wagons like so many churches do. Now I am just babbling. So I will stop.


I'm with ya! Wasn't that well-thought out and theologically deep?


We could set up a webcam on Sunday mornings and do church together...Brian and I have a few favorite podcasts that we listen to "religiously". Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouraging me to continue to seek out a group of Christ Followers that want to LOVE others.

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