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It all looks to beautiful! Especially from summer Sydney!


I feel the same way only I was hoping for Christmas to get over with already so we can meet our daughter. I love the football gear and goal post! But, most of all I love the doll. She reminds me of your wonderful doll house (a personal dream toy of mine). Happy New Year.


Beautiful Christmas tree! ANd beautiful pictures!


That is a great tree! I am so impressed that you went out and found it and cut it down yourselves. Always a dream of mine. And it looks wonderful in your house! Don't let go of the magic just yet.

You've got some wonderful photos here of family. Beautiful! It sounds like you had a great time.

Can you see my wordpress blog? It's private but I think you're on the readers list. Let me know, OK?

Angela (eos)

I loved the pictures! I really miss posting pictures...maybe I can convice hubby to ease up this year!

I used to get Ky trucks/cars but had to give up...she was such a girly-girl. I'd pull the barbie cars out and say "lets race down the hall" and she'll say "but we need to put so and so in it...and her baby...and her friend....and then we go to the beach..." I'd try to just race them for the sake of racing but she'd make a big production out of the whole thing and we'd end up playing house instead of racing...oh well...so much for balancing them out right?LOL

Angela (eos)

BTW, I'm totally impressed that you guys cut your own tree down!


Oh my goodness! I love your tree--it is gorgeous.

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