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You sound like a mum to me!!!! Have a nice weekend!


Well, it's not going anywhere. And presumably it's of the canine variety. Which means it will be less icky to deal with later, too. And what are you doing to tell your boss when you're late: Hey, sorry I'm late, but there was poop? ROFL! (good decision, IMHO)
Corey, always supportive of other moms


How sad is it that out of all your brilliant posts this past several weeks, THIS is the one that I'm commenting on?...purely coincidental. I just decided to make today the day that I visit some blog buds and let them know I'm still alive and thinking of them.

The even funnier thing ist that another friend of mine's top post today was all about vomit. So today must be Variations-On-A-Theme-Friday. *grin*

Good to hear you all made it to your destinations on time!


Oh yeah, that's TOTALLY a "mom" move. I mean, really, what was the poo going to do while you were gone? It's not like it was going to have a little poo party and invite all of its friends, right? Meanwhile, being late for wherever you need to be DOES have consequences! :)


I hope it's not on carpet. That's gonna smell great when you get home! Hey, we mommas have to prioritize, and when you have the option of closing the door and walking away...I'm just sayin. :)


I love your poop posts (especially in the grocery store). Thanks for 'keeping it real' as the kids say.



Poop happens!


Viper. Right?

Happy mom

Once when for some reason Sam took his poopy underwear and decided to spin around with it, and i found poop everywhere, walls splattered. I closed the door cried, then my mom showed up and she cleaned it up. The miracles of still having mom around, and proof that poop never ends! just wait til you are a grandma. That probably did not cheer you up. sorry. good luck!

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