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Happy mom

Hello, I have missed you, and now I finally come check on you and you are in a blogger rut? I have had times when I didn't have much, but I actually start draft after draft and then don't publish them, there are probably 50 good posts that just need a little cleaning up and they would be good to go, but yet I instead write about twilight. It's sad. well, the poop never does end does it, I will have to go see what that is all about. good luck with your break.


Don't worry about it. Enjoy your holidays and come back when you're ready. :)


I found some dried cat puke on a couch cushion about two hours ago and haven't worked up the gumption to clean it off yet. If that makes you feel better about the whole poop incident.

I understand the rut thing. :)


I feel the same way about taking pictures some times. I want to record every moment but sometimes I just want to LIVE the moments and not worry about capturing them all.

When you want to write again, we'll be here!


I miss you...

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