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Angela (eos)

Oh no!

My SIL's little dog has always peed (no dripping...all out copious pee mess) when it gets excited (like greeting someone). She never did outgrow it (reason why she ended up w/ her as our friend and the original owner could never break her of it)

She ended up being an outside/kitchen (her kitchen is tiled) dog.

I hope you get some good ideas here or that a vet can tell you why he's doing it.


If you just got the dog, you should take him to the vet for a first check-up anyway, right? I would ask about it. I've never really heard of a pee drippage problem...



Probably totally unrelated, but my dog had that towards the end. She had something like wobblers though, and eventually everything was going south.


My neighbor's dog has a pee problem too so she created this diaper like thing for him. It is a maxi-pad inserted into a strip of material with velco on each end. She wraps the maxi-diaper around the dogs middle ensuring the privates are covered. She gets the really cheap maxi pad and the material part only cost a few dollars to create. He gets seasonally themed diapers...it's pretty cute. Then when she takes him outside off comes the diaper in on quick velco swipe. Much cheaper than vet bills and carpet cleaners...


Oh my. I couldn't even handle a pet fish right now. I'm sorry I have no advice. I'll ask my sister since she's had a lot of dog experience. If she has any suggestions, I'll come back and post.
Until then, congrats on the clean floors (at least)!


Bad bathroom hygiene -- I guess no one has explained to the dog to shake dry. :) Ok, sorry, its late. I would think its probably an excitement/nervous thing from getting used to everything new. Of course, I have a cat that eats shoestrings and clothes so I put up with some craziness with these animals. I've threatened (hollow threats) to get rid of them and then Isabella cries that we couldn't do that. :)


Hmm, maybe he is just anxious and it will stop given time? I know they get anxious and express themselves different ways - some nip, some pee.


How old is your dog? Many older dogs tend to leak urine. My dog started doing it and our vet put her on one pill twice a day and we rarely ever have a problem now. Even if your dog isn't older, it could still be a simple solution like that.

Happy mom

Okay this sounds bad, I know, but that sounds like my son, I call it dribbling, and wonder if he gets so excited that he never actually empties all the way, but he has no signs of sickness either. yet we are going on 3 years of potty training.

You can't really compare the two, but yet they sound very much the same.

and another good luck coming your way from me!

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