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Ooooh, he is so beautiful. And looks totally like the one that used to chase me home from elementary school. I am terrified. :-)


Laundry and Children

We had a Dobermin growing up. You are in for a real treat! They are great dogs.


He is super handsome!


Viper looks like he is ready to grow the love in your house! Congrats on the addition to your family.


I love these dogs! (And I'm a cat person at heart!)


Wow, I think he looks so scary! But beautiful. Scary beautiful!

Angela (eos)

Ha...just finished having a "discussion" w/ my sister in law - she is terrified of big dogs and sees them all as beasts ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims!LOL

It was brought about because we are thinking of getting one (we have been mourning our beloved mutt for over a year now) and we love big dogs...still...made me wonder...what is it about bigger breeds (or smaller) that appeal to people? What about it appeals to you? Just curious.

Mine are:
I'm not very graceful/careful and I'm afraid of kicking/hurting/stepping on/rolling over smaller dogs.

I like a dog I can actually hug

I like a dog that can protect me not one I'd have to protect

I find them aesthetically pleasing

Angela (eos)

shoot...meant to say that I think he's beautiful!


Wow he is beautiful BUT big!!!!


Congrats! He is a handsome fella.


Love the last picture, he is a beautiful dog. I love big dogs.

Happy mom

beautiful dog, my kids and me we would be scared to go near him.

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