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Definitely keep Viper. I love it!


You can call him Piper if people are afraid...but I LOVE the name Viper. Think of the doggie Halloween costumes!!!


um, so your conversation at the dog park will look like this:
stranger: that's a nice looking dog. what kind of dog is it?
you: doberman. what kind of dog is yours?
stranger: poodle.
you: what's his/her name?
stranger: Fluffy. what's your dog's name?
you: VIPER!
stranger: uh....gotta go.


I love the name Viper!
Buy a big drum in Africa for the boys. They will love it!!!!

Lisa M

Oh good graciousness. I LOVE it. Viper is a great name.

So funny.


Ha! That's a great name. ;-)

Happy mom

I just like the name, it sounds good. I am sure I would never choose it, but it really sounds so fun.

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