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That sounds really weird - I'm very surprised to hear that there's a law against contact. I think I know people in South Africa who have open or somewhat open adoptions. I will do some digging on my own account.

Good luck with finding Sparkle's mom, and I hope that you are able to have more contact with her.


Wow, so the saga continues, and that's a good thing! (no dead end yet is a definite positive...)

That makes sense about the law, but it's too bad that the law has to be that way.


As far as I know south african parents who are choosing to give up their child for adoption get to choose whether they want an open or a closed adoption. All international adoptions from SA are closed adoptions, I think, and if you choose that then you choose not to have anything to do with your child for the next 18 years. The birthparents get counseling before giving up their children so that they understand exactly what they are choosing and what it means.

Don't you send pictures and letters to the birthmom? We do, and will do that for up to 2 years after the adoption (we have signed a contract on that). After that we will get a feedback from the adoption agency as to whether the mom has received the letters, and if she chooses she too can send us letters.

We were told that we wouldn't get the birthmom's adress as that too was against south african adoption law. We write to the agency who then forwards the letters.


I've been thinking a lot about the what it will be like when/if Noah meets his birth mom. Do you have a plan? What do you think your meeting will look like? What are you emotions when you imagine this day?


Am encouraged by this, too. And hope that you get the info that you are seeking.


I think it is a shame that those in authority are bothered by adoptive family/birth family contact. It is in the best interest of just about everyone. Well, most of the time. If a parents chooses to place a child, that should be reason enough. Why do we have to prove that they are true orphans? Wouldn't just making sure the child was placed voluntarily be sufficient? And then who cares if there is contact between two parties that both love and care about a little person?

Anyway, good luck with your endeavor. I hope you get to meet her.


Wow, this is an exciting development! Hoping/wishing you will get more info soon!

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