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Holy smokes!
What do you wash a kid's mouth out with after THAT?

Welcome home.

Angela (eos)

Is it wrong of me that I'm hysterically laughing over here!LOL

When I went to visit relatives a few years back I had moments like that...they thought I was neurotic. I was being VERY careful that we (my sister, daughter and I) didn't eat anything that wasn't cooked or bottled when I found out that my daughter had been drinking milk straight from the cow and sharing stuff with all the other kids all along. (granted...not as bad as worrying if it was roadkill but enough to worry me!)

Wouldn't you know it that she was just fine and both my sister and I had some mild stomach distress problems! Still...I was happy to get home!

Oh...there is also another story involving killing the pig and me worrying my kid would be traumatized for the rest of her life, but I'll save that one for later...I'm still not over it!LOL

Can't wait for hubby to come home so I can tell him your story...too funny!LOL


Oh my goodness -- I'm in between laughing so hard, then gagging, then laughing, then gagging.... :) Sounds like your family visits are even more interesting than mine. :) Glad you're home safely, and hopefully without a butt purse as a present.


Ha, ha!! I didn't know animals ate roadkill for the winter.

I don't want to sound gross, but around here, if one find's a deer on the road and it's fresh meat, it's not a big thing to take it home and dress it. An animal like that could last a long while. It's illegal to pick-up road kill, but in some parts of the state, it's done frequently. I know my dad's friend got a nine point buck that was roadkill.


I just realized I typed "nine" point buck, it was a 12 pt. buck. Pts. refers to the number of points on the deer's antlers. My brain is truly scattered. Here I was reading about a snake handling bust, and I thought "did I type nine or 12 pt." That's why my friends call me Stratus Nimbus.


I would have gagged had I witnessed that. Welcome home!


Akkkkkk!!! Can you put Hand Sanitizer in the mouth?? Ewwwwwww, City girl that I am. . .I am gagging.


I laugh only because I can relate. I'm from WI, and each time we visit I get the feeling that I'm stuck in a David Lynch movie.


I'm coping with your story by refusing to think about it, but I thought that the trauma of being hit by something (as would happen with roadkill) released toxins into the meat that rendered it inedible? For people, anyway?

I'm going to have to go to Snopes, now.

I hope you understand when I say that I'm happy you're home, too.


Hey, I still LIVE in WI, and we can be just as grossed out in the city. . .:)


UGH!! That is one of the grossest things I've ever heard! GAG!


I threw up in my mouth when my sweet dog picked up a random bone outside...I totally would not have made it with a small child!


Hilarious! Just goes to show you that truth is stranger than fiction! ;-)

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