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Intriguing...and yes, not that fashionable. However, how crazy would it be if some Hollywood fashionista got ahold of it and turned it into something really huge. Maybe you should patent it and then send it off to Kate Spade....or not!

Responding to your post on my blog:
Car camping...yes a good name for it.

Spencer started taking guitar lessons from Chris Boyan about 18 months ago, and John usually went along and stayed. He picked it up faster than Spencer (read, became more obsessed with learning it than Spencer) and now can play pretty well. Spencer is now taking lessons at a local guitar shop/studio and doing well. He's in Jazz band and regular band at school, playing guitar in the former and alto sax in the later. He's motivated to learn so he doesn't look like a fool in front of the cute 7th grade girls!


I find it interesting that the purse needs a belt. And yea, I totally made one of those when i was about 11, or 13. I thought it was so cool...but it wasn't.


I am glad I check your blog so early in the morning (6am) because now I will have something to laugh about all day long.


Gasp! It's everything you said (and I dreamed) it would be!

You're too fun. Thanks for this one. I'm with Kohana--the first thing I thought when I saw it was that it's something I could see a pre-teen or Junior-high-er accessorize with.


Wow. Just...wow.

Pastormac's Ann

That. is. just. too. funny!!

Ah, no thanks. I don't think I'll be making myself one. Nice of you to offer, though.


:) If you would go to a craft fair or a flea market around here, I'm sure you would see several of these. They even think they can "dress" them all up, but I say its still carrying a butt around as a purse. I'm not crazy about the butt I carry around on my body, I surely don't want an extra one. :)


Well in the first photo is was a Butt Purse. In the second photo is was a Crotch Purse. Either way, I'm somewhat horrified. Thats something the suede belt just can't take away.


That right there is a real special piece of tail. I have to admit I was picturing something a bit different from this.

You have to agree it's certainly eye catching for sure.


@Susan - "Crotch Purse" - too funny!

I think the purse is missing something....rhinestones, yeah that's it!


Yesterday in my closet I found a pair of the boy's size 2 jeans that I cut up to make exactly this kind of purse. I never finished it because I don't like carrying a purse at all. Those tiny jeans are so cute I couldn't get rid of them when Punkin outgrew them. You think it's tacky for me to make a butt purse? Maybe I'm still in Jr. Hi.

Angela (eos)

Ummm....that's an abomination!LOL


Oh WOW! Wow!

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