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Ooohhh, sorry to hear this.

I have a vivid imagination, so I don't have any problem picturing the purse, but I'd still give my eye teeth to see a photograph of it! *grin*

--Have a safe rest-of-your-trip!

Laundry & Children

Add on the topic of why homeschooling only produces socially inept children and you could be describing some of my visits. I am so sorry. Just smile and nod and pray the time flies.


I'm dying laughing here about the purse...

My solution for in-laws: Versed.


Oh the grace of keeping one's mouth shut! Hang in there.


Oh the grace of keeping one's mouth shut! Hang in there.


Good luck!


Ugh. My heart goes out to you!
Outlaw prob's. Yuck.


I blog to keep from speaking too! Every time there is something that you want to go off about, you can just start thinking about what you would write about it! A good alternative to smashing heads!


butt purse!!!! that is lol funny. i hope you can hear me laughing because i am. do you want me to come to mn and give that twerp a piece of my mind! i am leaving right.... luv


Ah yes, there are some walking amongst us that know the root of every single social problem. Treat it like water on a duck, and let it roll of your back : )

I too had a butt purse at one time, when I had a badonka butt. I look back at the picture and wonder what on earth I was thinking.


Love it - well in a "I love that someone else feels my pain" kind of way...

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