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Krissy Poopyhands

GAH! Death by extremely cute! Death by cute!

Seriously. Those boys...


Angela (eos)

You know...one of the best things about reading blogs is watching the kids grow up...I love these pictures but like no others in the past they hint as to their older boy looks...can't wait to see them grow up some more...thank you for the priviledge of sharing in your joy (Gosh..I sound all sappy and stuff...totally not me...must be hormonal or something today...but they looked so darn cute and grown up I got choked up!LOL)


Oh, I just love the pictures of them playing together. Having a sibling as a friend is just such a moving thing! Sparkle is so grown up! How does that happen???


These boys are just TOO CUTE! I love that you bought a size five rugby outfit when he was only five months old. Great thinking ahead! I bet he loves it. They got big in a blink, didn't they?


Thanks for sharing...your boys are so handsome and strong!


Oh, how I love seeing siblings play together. (Obviously, mine first, but yours would be a close second. :) Ok, and did you ask Sparkle to give you the tough look or was this on his own? Perfect!


Cute indeedy!


Cool! Finally able to wear what you bought him when he was just a baby!

We see those Blue Bulls shirts everywhere we go!
They are so crazy about them here in Pretoria!

The big huge stadium where the Blue Bulls play is only a stone's throw from our guest house, and the South African rugby team is playing there this Saturday against Wales (we might go! even if we don't, i am sure we will hear it all)...it is also one of the stadiums that will be used for the Soccer World Cup in 2010.

I think it is so awesome that your family will be here in only a few short months! Your boys are going to have so much fun! The other day we drove by the Elephant Sanctuary and our driver told us all about it, as well as the Lion Park.


What big boys you have there Amanda! That close up of Sparkle, his skin looks so baby smooth.

Happy mom

I just came across this post, I have missed so much with my blogger break, I am bummed. but I am glad that I saw this one, so cute! love the pictures, and the boys and the brotherhood, love it

I was actually trying to search for your poop in the grocery store post, my friend needed a pick me up after a rough day and I thought that post would do the trick. but I can't find it. help me if you can. thanks,

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