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That is a very, very cool playground you have. When can Noah and I come for a playdate ;). If only we lived closer...

I am glad that you share things about R. It helps me see what it would/will be like in a more open relationship. I think hard but good so far from your wonderful example.


"The ups and downs of an open adoption relationship are difficult to blog about, by the way"

I understand. We have a very smooth relationship with K's birthdad but not w/ birthmom...much more tug and pull and redfining of boundaries and such...just harder. Wishing you the best..I know it's hard.

I love that jungle gym!


VERY cool!


How fun! And what a huge, lovely back yard you have!


I love the jungle gym!

I agree it is very hard to blog about some parts of open adoption. Which is part of the reason i went password-protected...I figure my five whole readers are pretty discreet :-)

Prayers for R and her little one, that everything is OK.


Very high compliment! I believe Ariel was a princess.

I understand the privacy issues - I certainly would understand if you decide not to discuss it. Once it's on the Internet, it's open to the world to see.

Okay, I've got to comment on the yard. I can imagine kids running and playing and having an absolute ball in the huge yard of your's. Nice jungle gym too!

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