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Krissy Poopyhands

Oh, I'm sorry. I can totally see why that would be upsetting. This, I think, is what frightens me most about open adoption.

I hope it turns out okay. I hope she's with someone trustworthy. I'm sorry.

It seems as though, as Pumpkin's mom, you should somehow be responsible for Pumpkin's siblings. I'm sorry that that isn't true. I wish it was.

Oh. I'm so sorry.


I think it is ok to want to know what is going on. Baby A is part of your family...I will be praying for you and your family.


well it is easy to have these fellings when you are connected as a family.

I am sorry for the confusion and frustration, I hope you get answers, I know I would want them.


Oh, this is tough and I'm feeling for you.

I had to laugh when you said "my entitlement is showing"! It sounded like "my slip is showing" or something embarassing like that. :)

I can relate on this topic - my email box is always open. :) :(

Laundry & Children

I don't think that it is odd that you have these feelings. You have an investment in this person and her children. Worry and curiosity are a very natural response. Also, look on the bright side. She trust you enough to share this with you. I pray to God that someday we get a letter from our kids' birthmom that is more than "Give me my kids back" (we've gotten two of those). Try not to feel guilty about your feelings. I think it would have been worse to have been completely apathetic and thought, "Oh well. That's her life and I don't care."


I hope you get some answers soon. At least she shared that bit of information with you.

I don't think you are feeling entitlement. Baby A is Pumpkin's sibling so of course you worry about her and want the best for her. And you want her mother to FIGURE IT OUT and quickly, for the baby's sake.


Your worry and concern are definitely understandable. I think had it been me, I would feel the same way, and I'd keep worrying until I could find out more. Those are folks you love and that are family, very understandable indeed. I hope there is an uncomplicated, simple explanation.

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