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I never had a light bright growing up so a friend bought me one in high school! I always thought they were SO cool!


I had no idea they still made those! I LOVED mine as a little girl. Oh, the nostalgia...


Oh, I love Light Brights. We actually bought one for Isabella at Christmas, but took it back before we gave it to her because I started thinking about how Amelia would want to play with Sissy and then would put those little things in her mouth, etc. :) So maybe next Christmas. I love that they still carry "old" toys that we used to have. :)


We love light brights! I need to order some more drawings actually. It surprises me that my son can sit still and do an entire drawing. Normally he is on the go. My job is always to sort the little pegs into their various color groups.


The 80's are back! Next post...leg warmers for all


NOOOOOO not the leg warmers!!!!! ;)

He looked mighty proud! I love seeing pictures of your kids...wanna reach through and kiss them.

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