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So, how BIG was that cake??

Krissy Poopyhands

Well once again you have caused the whole of the internets to pass out with the force of your little boy's cuteness.

Honest to Christmas, how do you survive in tact with the two of them running around? It's like the world's supply of cute just lives permanantly at your house.

YAY five!


OOOOOOHHHHH....I so wanna reach across the screen and plant a big smooch on that face....good thing I can't 'cause I'd probably scare him!LOL

He looks and sounds so much older...how wonderful and how sad all at once.


My Kindergartner knows more than I about so many artists. It's almost embarassing. It's a different world in school than when I was being taught. It's beautiful to watch them grow! :)


p.s. she's 6 and has lost 7 teeth already! That didn't happen to us that early did it?


Yes, but they are so cute with their toothless grins. As if your kids could be any cuter!


Oh man, losing teeth at 5, I told Isabella she wasn't going to lose them until she was like 8. :) She has told me that she is going to lose her baby teeth and she wants the new ones to be pink. :) What a smart boy and obviously as cute as can be!!


So cute! What a smart, funny 5 year old Sparkle is!

Elon Block

Your story brought back great memories of one of my grnadkids losing his teeth at a similar age.

It's very cool to hear your child talking about castles and other countries. Is it me, or are kids just a whole lot smarter than when I as growing up back in the 60's?

Thanks for sharing!


What a smart boy you have there!! It is amazing what kids this age can learn and retain.

I tried to enlarge the picture, but couldn't see his missing teeth.


I just did a double-take on this photo, Sparkle could be my son's twin in this photo! Same smile, same white teeth, same cool sunglasses!

Bianca Jackson

A loose tooth is a painful one. But when your wisdom tooth hurts, it's an entirely different case. My sister had a traumatic wisdom tooth experience way back in college. Her face got so swollen, she couldn't talk well or focus on her studies. Good thing her dentist was there to help her out with her tooth problem.

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