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Krissy Poopyhands

GAH! Cute kids!

You know, I totally hear everything that you've said and I understand wanting to present a positive picture. The thing is, just by being you guys and doing exactly what you do you present the very best positive face of adoption.

You are such a happy family. Your kids are so friggin cute and you all are so cute together. You certainly haven't presented anything other than a tip-top adoption embassador here that I've seen.

It's nice of you to think about it, but you all are such a great family. I'd just do what you do.

I am so looking forward to hearing about the trip!


Finally - a travel update! I was starting to worry the trip was canceled. I love having a travel agent (only had this once - longer story) but makes travel really stress free. I think your comment on adoption ambassadors is right on. Your boys are too cute


I understand (since it's another country and "their" country and one does not want to be rude)...I'm sure you'll be fine though..you seem to have a good grasp on fielding people w/out being offensive and I'm sure there you'll know (or get that "feeling" when enough is enough) -

Me, personally, I'd probably be more "open" and "friendly" to those who are inquisitive simply because I'd be on their "soil" (as long as it doesn't make my daughter uncomfortable of course) and just use a lot of humor or changing of conversation topics. I did the same in my own country when I visited because although i was born there I haven't been part of the culture for many years...so I took it slow and just smiled a lot!LOL

Play it by ear I guess and don't be hard on yourself...you'll find your balance after a few encounters!LOL


Travel Agent - GREAT!

I've found that here in Sydney, we seem to be quite conspicuous. Mixed race families don't seem uncommon, but I haven't seen any other transracial adoptive families since we got here. So far we're just being us and giving the "blank" look when people look at us. I assume that as we get to know people, we'll probably be doing a lot of patient educating.

I think it's quite possible to be friendly and polite without opening yourself up to a lot of questions. I think it's in the way we project ourselves. :) But maybe you want to make connections and open yourselves up while you're there? I can't wait to hear more about it!

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