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See, you have accomplished some of those things you thought you were denying your kids :-)

Grandparents are the best - they have much more patience than parents, sometimes. I guess because it's only temporary.


Ahh, Sparkle's in the fearless, "I'm invincible" stage! That phase of life that strikes fear into a mother's heart...gotta love it!


He is brave...mine took forever (and lessons!) to get her to swim.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only woman that got skipped when the decorating gene was being handed out!LOL I get totally overwhelmed choosing paint too...I think my husband came close to divorcing me (and he is a very patient man) the first time we ever chose wall paint colors.

Glad you had some time off.


Hey, thanks for your post. Great Blog. I hadn't run into yours before.



It is time to get back to projects again isn't it? I love grandparents.

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