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Best wishes with the visit and with the potty training! I'm sure everything will go great. And hey, who doesn't feel better with a squeaky, sparkly house?!?!


Laundry & Children

After she is done with Pumpkin...send her my way. :)

Krissy Poopyhands

This is because we're crazy and I think because we want our moms to think we're grown up. Because the kids and the home ownership don't count. ;-)

I know that my mom and MIL never judge, but I go crazy cleaning stuff before they arrive. In fact, MIL is due this month and I'm hiring a company to deep-clean before she gets here.

But I have a weird perfectionist streak. I don't like looking anything less than the ideal housekeeper. I don't like looking like anything less than the ideal anything.

This is a massive personality flaw.

I bet Pumpkin is going to do a great job with the potty training and I bet your house looks fab! YAY for moms!


Here's to no more diapers! I would clean my kitchen for a potty trained boy any day...

Heidi-happy mom

so can your mom come and stay with me next?

good luck, and I understand the obsessive cleaning.


Ha, ha. I think different family members visits' require different levels of cleaning : )

My mother used to clean the oven when her mom came over. And you always know who is coming to my house by the severity of the cleaning the house gets.

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