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That's pretty funny!! Maybe we all need Mr. Rogers, especially in 4:30 traffic : )


This post is such a cliff hanger!
We need to know what he meant by that.


he might be on to something!


That was awesome!! I am impressed that he knew the names, my kids don't pay attention to that kind of TV/radio. If it isn't animated, they aren't interested....

I love that Mr. Rogers solves everything. :-)


I love that!

And it seems pretty self explanatory to me... there is too much Hillary and Barack around right now... bring on Mr. Rogers!

Heidi-happy mom

I love that, looks like he gets his thoughtfulness from you!


How hilarious!!!! Sometimes we all need a bit of Mr. Rogers. I love that he even knows Hillary and Barack. Way to go, Mom!! We've been trying to get Lily to say "obama." No dice yet! :)

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