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When I read this I wondered if maybe it was a gift meant for someone else that got mixed up?? I can imagine the surprise reaction from the kids and the parents as you opened it.

This year we received a lovely non-working clock with a depiction of Jesus kneeling. Most time we got oil lamps, but this year it was the plastic Jesus clock.


Two words: BIZ. ARRE.



Maybe he left his glasses at home the day he went shopping??

It sure is a Hmmmmm . . . ??
kind of gift!


So I have to tell you a story now. My brother's wife is hard to buy for... great girl, but very picky. So my mom was SO happy that she found the PERFECT present this year. She told me she ordered her some gourmet chocolate, because she loves chocolate. Oh my mother was SO proud of this gift... finally the perfect gift for my SIL.

I went to visit my brother right after Christmas and he asked me what was up with my moms gift. Turns out it was some kind of 'mood' chocolate. Each bar had a different word on it, like 'pleasure' and 'vigor'. Not only is my SIL picky... she is also very conservative, and was pretty mortified that my mom would buy her something like this. My poor mom didn't read it very carefully!


That *definitely* wins some kind of prize!!!!!!



ROFL! Next year: Ginsu knives...

Erin O'

That is pretty amusing. You must have thought he had lost his mind!

Our older son loves locks, so I can kind of see why he thought they might like bike locks. Habtam likes to play with my sewing scissors lock.


Oh wow. Not sure what else to say ...

Heidi-happy mom

ummm, shock, wow, ummm!

weird, weird stuff, but now I get the previous post.

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