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My hubby was gone for just a half week this week, and I did a huge happy dance of joy when he got home last night! I share in your exhaustion!

Interesting thing about Huckabee...everyone seems to either love him or hate him. I haven't paid a ton of attention to him because I haven't taken him very seriously as a candidate who might actually win the nomination, but the more I hear about him, the more I figure I'd better start figuring out who he is...Politics seems a lot scarier these days, doesn't it?



We are a Canadian family who has adopted from SA - twice! I am also a moderator for a support group called "Families with Children from SA" so if you are looking for support or someone to chat with please let me know!



"God's standards" as interpreted by man! That is definitely scary.

I understand what you mean about things getting easier. We just have one, but bedtimes are easier, everything is just easier when they become independent.

Great that your son is liking school now. When they don't and you know they don't, as a parent you can spend the whole day worrying about them.


I want you to know that even though our children "come from" different cultures/countries, I feel apart of your support network or rather you are apart of my support network as I navigate through this mom thing.

Erin O'

Totally identified with #1! Everything times 2 is 2 tiring!

Happy about #2, I remember when school was more of a challenge for Sparkle. Yay Sparkle!

#4 I have felt a little envious of the Chinese adoption community for similar reasons.

Heidi-happy mom

wow that was a lot said but I think I am getting caught up here! Sparkle is so cute!

and I am with you on Huckabee!

and of course I am so glad that Beloved is back!

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