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Where did you get that doll house? It is totally cool and I NEED to have one...not really but I do think it is really cool. Can you send me the brand/maker etc.
Thanks and Merry Christmas.


Playrooms are nice, I've often thought of turning the downstairs bedroom into one. However, its downstairs and too far out of sight.

You're kids have a really nice area, and plenty of books, that's great.


I noticed some brown-skinned (for lack of a better word) dolls in the bookshelf. Where did you get them? Do your boys like to play with them?

Just curious!
We have bought 2 brown-skinned dolls so far and are hoping to find some more (quite difficult to find in Scandinavia!)

Heidi-happy mom

I love it and I love what you have done with it. I am not surprised that the boys sit on the pillows, I always picture a reading corner with lots of pillows or bean bags or something. bean bags would address your comfy place to sit and watch tv.

we don't have a playroom but I do want to organize all our rooms, I am going to take your organizational skills with me through my home. thanks. love the tour


ya know what? I have the exact same dollhouse for my son too! I love it but he never plays with it unless he is destroying it with his superheroes.... I am planning on moving it up to his bedroom where it might get used more. I love the fact that you can buy the doll sets in different ethnicities too. here is the website for Leah: http://www.plantoys.com/

I also like the shelf idea - now that Douby is bigger the little rack thing I got from toys'r us isn't working - I can see a larger shelf system like that might work better. But my basement looks much much more messy...I am not a stickler for cleaning up the toys daily.

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