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I'm with you on this one. I can't stand it when a girl gets a traditional boy name. There are a ton of strong female names for a little girl without having to resort to a traditionally male name. I know two sisters named Logan and Hunter. I just wonder if parents would ever think of naming a little boy Hannah or Madeline.

Wesley for a girl? Poor kid.


I worked with a gay man named Tracy and that always seemed like an unfortunate irony to me.

I tend to like traditional names and gender specific ones at that.


What's in a name...;)

I was never too hung up on how people named their kids (I've always liked creative names)...until I worked for a school office and had to deal w/ all kinds of funky variation on names or gender-name-swapping...good grief. I've never been the same after.

I had a mom named Pearl w/ a daughter named Saphire and a boy named Lucky(like a fraking horse!)

I had a lady who named her kids Alpha, Omega...can't remember the other Greek letter. Yep! True story.

Had a boy named Ashley and one named Mr. David (yes..."MR" was his name) which always made me wonder how he will be addressed or called into an office as an adult: "Mr. Mr. David please step in" UGH!!!

Then I got a lot of Hispanics (my people so I get to rag on them!LOL) naming their kids American names they couldn't quite pronounce and then get mad at me when I corrected them.

You should have seen the celebrity baby naming show I saw today. Besides the popular "Apple" there were: Pilot Inspector (what the heck?!!), Razor, Hopper, True Summer, and Rebel.

Could be worse?!LOL


Beagle, you bring up some other interesting twists on naming children. My son was in preschool with a boy named Big D. Yep that was his legal first name.

The creative spellings I've seen are the worse. In the AA community, your child isn't unique if his/her name doesn't have two capital letters, an apostrophe, and an accent mark, e.g. De'Vonté. Better yet add in a number of letters to replace a sound previously made with just one letter, e.g. DaeVaughntaye.

One teacher reported a student named Khase which was pronounced the same as Chase. How do you teach these children to read when their names defy the rules of English?

The celebrity baby names are the worst. Did you know that Rebel has brothers Rocket, Racer, and Rogue? I just heard a new celeb baby girl was named Ever.

Gender bender names are not so bad when you consider those crazy twists.


Oops I should have attributed my inspiration to Angela's post not Beagle's.


I really don't like the trend of those really cool masculine names going feminine.

The trouble is that once they go feminine, they will never return to that masculine domain! :-) No little boy wants to have a "girl's name." :-)

Whitney, Ashley, Lindsey, Tracy, etc. all used to be men's names. I don't think I am a sexist...Maybe just a name purist?

I do think that some of those unisex/surname as name names have peaked and will hopefully be on their way back down :-) (That is my other pet peeve. People picking surnames as first names, when there's no family tie.) :-)


Oh I hate that too. And I hate names that make everyone cringe when they hear it and makes you think of being in elementary school/jr high and making up horrible nicknames for them (Won't mention just in case anyone has one of those names. :) The other thing I don't like in the "adoption" world is people who pick names that are, ... quite honestly so "white" when they adopt transracially. We're in the south so some of this may happen more, but we were reading a newsletter and it had some families who had just brought their daughters home from China. One little girls name was Barbie Sue, one was Georgie Beth, .... not that they could maybe find and pronounce a Chinese name, but come on that just screams "My parents are white" :)


Ohhh, can we go back to the Stay at home/paid labor mom thing:)

I picked the most unique names I could this side of rock star land- and for the most part it has worked out perfectly. . .they lived up to their names for sure!

Heidi - happy mom

I think it is just preference, and personality. I don't really put to much thought into a name. It was a pain to name my kids. trying to think through all of this, and then when it comes down to it, I don't even know very many people that like their names, I don't really like mine.


I tend to use part of my name here, Leigh. However, my first name is masculine. Until they meet me, most folks see my name and think it's a man's name. I've never given it much thought though, it doesn't really bother me.

I tend to think it's a preference too. Our son's name, Dakota, could also be a girl's name, but I've always considered it a boy's name.

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