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Laundry & Children

We've taken our kids to a couple of movies with varying degrees of success. If you have a theatre with stadium seating, it helps, because A) the kids can see, B) it is less likely you will disturb others and C) the armrests usually go up for needed cuddles. We try to go just after nap so there are no tired kids. With a staggered nap schedule, this in and of itself is a challenge. Then we let the kids pick the seats. The cocept of not talking during the movie usually needs to be stressed several times, but if you go to an afternoon show, there will be other kids talking so it is not as stressful for the parents who might worry that their kid is disturbing others.

In the end it is just fun. I would suggest Bee Movie just because you know it is a kid movie without anything that will be "challenging" for kids. The worst thing that can happen is to be sitting in a movie and suddenly the movie takes an unexpected turn.


The first times I took my son to the movies he had to go pee - 5 times a show!! He is getting better at age 6 but still usually has problems - I limit the popcorn and drinks now so he can usually last (I hate when we have to dash out just at the important bits!) If you know what kinds of videos your kids like, similar onscreen flicks should work well. Conversely, I am willing to let my son watch movies on video that I would NOT let him watch in a movie theatre - 20 foot monsters might be nightmare inducing while small screen ones are not.


I found Bee to go a bit too slow. The colors and graphics might be ok for your boys but forget about them following along w/ the plot...the voice alone could make you fall asleep. Don't get me wrong...I actually liked the themes (boy disullussioned w/ the way things are/bucking the system/social justice/etc.) but the relationship between the human and the bee sort of threw me off a bit (I know it's a cartoon but still...couldn't "see" it) Anyway...don't let me totally discourage you!LOL Every child is different but I think that mine at 4 or so would have gotten bored half way into it but maybe yours won't.


Isabella LOVES going to movies. On a normal basis we don't go, mainly because good gracious they're expensive, but in the summers we have a couple movie theatres that will show kids movies for free or for $1 and popcorn and drinks are $1. We went to a few of those. She enjoys the popcorn more than anything. :) Kenny did take her one night on a daddy date night and she wanted to go see a movie so they picked the only cartoon out at the time, which was Barnyard -- its a cartoon should be good for kids right? Well, somewhere in it a wolf kills a cow and that was very scary to her, also not something daddy was expecting to happen. Other than that she enjoys seeing a "BIG movie" as she calls it. I just have checked out more reviews before I go to any now. I haven't heard anything or seen the Bee movie though. And the two you mentioned for you are ones on my list too, not my girls, just me and a box of kleenex, oh yeah and my husband too if he wants. :)


I've taken my nephew to see a couple of movies and he was 3 at the time. It really depends on the kid. He was completely into the movie and sat silently for almost the entire thing. He's a really active kid, so we were expecting a fair amount of fidgeting and talking. The other thing is that some theaters have showings that are geared for young children and parents- I've heard that they don't turn the lights down all the way and that some talking is okay. Maybe that's a good place to start. They are usually morning/early shows.

Heidi - happy mom

By the way I tagged you, check out my blog.

I took my babies to a couple of movies. Then we decided to take Sam to over the hedge. in the movie theater the Bear is quite scary. He sat in our laps, but enjoyed it. good tip get there really early so you kids can pick seats and they have time to get used to it before the light are out. or like suggested go to a kid friendly veiwing.


Sorry, I haven't seen a movie in ages. Tag, you're it!


Bee Movie is supposed to be good, but I haven't seen it.

We took all of our kids to see Martian Child last Sat. Ezra got a little bored, but Claire watched the whole thing. There was a bit of swearing, but was a cute movie overall. I think it is better for older kids.

We take our kids to the movies all of the time. I try to be careful what they see (we didn't watch Transformers, for instance), but they LOVE the movies and we see most of the kid ones.

I bet your boys will love it. They are at a good age to see one, in my opinion.


We usually have pretty good luck with Cody sitting still through movies. We don't go to many though. I was thinking the Bee Movie may be good too.

I do try to limit the soda, but dad likes to get soda and candy, it's tradition.

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