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I like it!

You take so many great photos of your kids, how about a "gallery" along that stairway. I want to do something simialr in my hallway. All different, but coordinating frames, everyday life kind of photos.

You have a beautiful home.

Heidi-happy mom

ooooh, aaaaah, I love it. I am so glad you are sharing!

I love the pictures, that is going to be a new step in our living area, and I am with you, with the entry way, we hava a small space (not grand like yours) but I am working on it looking better, cleaner.

my husband has soem family in the minnesota area, and he lived there awhile. I have only had a quick stop in. but would love to check out the lake, he talks about fun times there. (not positive same lake but I think so)

okay sorry for the long post. I love it, and can't wait to see before and more!


We have the exact same pink covering three-fourths of the walls in our house. We also thought it was neutral when we chose it. It was called, like, "Villa Tan" or something. Feel your pain on that one! Lovely pictures. :)



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