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Thanks Sparkle's mamma!

That was one of the most wonderful posts I have read in a long time!

It made me smile!



I get scared to read the Bible with my children. Growing up as a pastor's daughter, I head the Bible so much growing up that it is hard for it to mean anything to me when I hear it. At the same time it is so embedded in my memory that it us one of the most familiar and comforting of things when I hear other people reading it aloud. Perhaps hearing the Bible through the perspective of my children (when they are old enough to ask questions), will renew its meaning for me?


My daughter has always had a fascination w/ anything God/Bible/Church related which is interesting considering we are both Agnostics (I'm more towards the athiest side than hubby though!LOL) so it was neat to read about your boys disparate attraction to the Bible.

Every now and then we'll get into converstations about the Bible except she is getting craftier - The other day she "trapped" me. We were watching a history show and after some pointed questions about the origins of earth/people and after listening to all my "possible" ideas she said "well..you know mom...since you are not sure, I think the only possible reason is God" - yeah..and she is only 9! We are in trouble.

Anyway...all this just to say how our kids will make us question, revisit and apply our belief system and how I think this is a good thing.

Heidi-happy mom

I think that is wonderful, we have our nightly bedtime ritual where we read scripture and pray and then have our bed time stories. and my son has to remind me of scripture and prayer more often then I like to admit.

kids are wonderful, and that sparkle sounds like a smart cookie! and so cute that pumpkin is all ready to have you choose anything but the scriptures! kids are so cute!


I've spent some long car trips explaining bible stories to my son. I grew up a minister's daughter too like "kohana" but am pretty athiest although I want to give my son a choice to think it through for himself. We have some interesting conversations too...


What a wonderful entry to read! You have such a smart, insightful son!


We read the Bible too and have great conversations about it. They really can open my eyes to see new things! Sparkle is a wonderful boy.

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