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Hee hee! Thanks for sharing. Do you feel better now? Good. Now move onward :-)

p.s. Having a cleaner is the most wonderful thing. I hope I can have one again when my daughter comes home.

Laundry & Children

Last year I suggested to my husband that to save money we maybe should think about not having a cleaning lady. His response, "Honey I love you, but you couldn't keep the house clean before we had children." Oh well, we can't be good at everything.

Lisa M

I loved these confessions.

We ALL have them-



I just took Buddy to the dentist for the first time. He's five. The dentist raved over how wonderful his teeth are and what a good job he does brushing. I couldn't believe it. I thought we were going to get a stern talking to.

I don't dust my ceiling fans either. I just lie on the bed and stare at the dust sometimes. Yuck.


I'm sitting here laughing at the thought of you saying yes to that woman with an obvious attitude.
I probably would have said nevermind and moved on. On the other hand, if someone had asked me that, I suspect I would have said no.

These are interesting. I would be most ashamed to get my feet done, but I'd love to have someone clean my house and my toilets.


Great list! I am most envious of the pedicure I think! :-)

Heidi - happy mom

love it. I am laughing and just jealous of some things, and knowing I have done many of the others.

Sharla (annegirl)

I am a terrible housekeeper (and that extends to laundry as well) but I tell myself that that is so that I can use my talents in other, more useful areas!

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