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Haha, love the puppet show line!

Heidi - happy mom

well, I hope your decision is just relax and don't worry about it. they are both very little still and may not quite get the importance of MLK. but that is coming from my point of view where, I am not worried about it. and like your son, my son is still obsessed with disneys cars. I doubt he will play pretend with MLK anytime soon. In fact my son still doesn't know he is black. He hasn't noticed it yet, and I am not going to push him, it will come. Maybe the different is that Sparkle(do I have that right?)was born in Africa, so he is more aware.


Oh gosh, you beat me to it! I have been drafting a "Black Male Athlete Stereotype" blog post for quite some time now and just haven't gotten to finishing it up. Yes, this is a big huge thing isn't it?! At the same time, yes -- you're right -- THEY do choose what they LIKE! That is for sure. I can't keep my boys away from all things athletic. And no matter what I do I can't get them to name MLK when I point to his picture on our wall. I am trying to stay relaxed and calm about it because the last thing they need is to pick up on MY own anxieties around all this. Anyway... re: the book thing... will you share your "top ten" book list of books with black characters that your boys like???! I'm always looking. We have TONS ourselves, but tons is never enough! :) Heather


I don't think you should worry about it too much. I bet they have picked up on the black sports hero stuff but with all the other books, etc. that you have they will find the balance. My theory is to overstock with good-to-OK choices and they let them have their own taste. It's perfectly healthy for them to like what makes you cringe a bit. Some day they are going to be blasting rap or whatever. You are laying a foundation they will rely on whether they acknowledge it or not. There are plenty of heros for them to find after all.

Åsa - Swedish mom

Just found your blog and I really enjoy reading it. Even started to read the archives. I am too raising a black son (from Colombia) and is now waiting to adopt my second child from South Africa. I have tried to buy and read a lot of books with other than "white" children in it, which is not the easiest here in Sweden where we live. But so far my 4,5 year old is only playing pretend with villians or wild animals...

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