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Oh do I ever feel for you! It is so tough. Fortunately Braydon and I both travel very rarely for work (just a handful of times per year each MAX)... but even that is awful. I FEEL for you! I really do. Hang in there. I totally "get it"...


My hubby is going out of down for work this week too. My girlfriend is coming in from out of town and I'm so happy. I don't like parenting on my own (with no break). Especially with a baby still waking in the night. I feel you!


My husband is working nights twice this week, and I'm already bummed out! :) He just left and the house already feels lonely!
Hang in there!


I can totally relate! Things run a lot more smoothly when it really is two parents there helping out.

Taking care of everything alone can be stressful I'm sure.


That is the worst. My husband works so much and has been gone so much lately I forget we are a two parent family. A shake up at work and a promotion meant that instead of LESS work for him, there is more. The next few months should bring an end to this, but still.

D is gone for a week. Again (this the 4th time since November). Just one more week long trips after this. It is HARD!! I feel your pain. Too bad we aren't closer or we could hang out at the Target toy aisle together (a sure fire way to get over the third day blues...I always have the hardest time on the third day...).

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