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Nohe 5

My mother once bought the kids roll on bathtub paint. They kept rolling it on their bodies, but it didn't show up. They insisted that the paint must be broken. Of course, when I rolled it on my hand it showed up great.


I never even thought of this. The only place we have taken Grace so far that uses a stamp was Chuck E Cheese. They use glow-in-the-dark ink. It worked fine. How sad that other stamps won't show up. It makes me want to keep a stamp and sparkly ink in the diaper bag. 8^(

Lisa M


Something I have never thought of. Not at all. YIPES. Ya know, I have bought stamps and pads for I bet fifteen events. I have often gotten purple or red as they are our school colours.

NEVER did that occur to me.

But I'll tell ya what. October 5th, Downtown Salt Lake Library.. I can promise you... we'll have a glitter stamp, that will work for EVERYONE.

Thank you.

Oh, and also. I LOVE regge music and I am so glad your dolls danced their behinds off.

That is cuter than cute!


Yup. The gymnastics place for babies my boys go to has a well known stamp. They put all over those little bodies... doesn't show up so good on some!


We spent the day at a faire with face painting, and my 4-yo Dawit actually mentioned the color of his skin when choosing a design. He ended up with red/yellow flames, which he liked on his cinnamon skin. Me too.

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