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That is a beautiful play house and BRAVO to you for getting it for your boys. Our boys play with "girl" stuff all of the time. And our girls play with "boy" stuff all of the time, too. I wish people wouldn't make such big deals about gender-appropriate toys. If a kid wants to play with it, why then it's certainly gender-appropriate!

The whole grafitti thing has me disturbed, too. Even if it *wasn't* about Black boys (which I highly doubt)...WHY would anyone think boys need to add grafitti to a toy for it to be OK? All boys are vandals?!


Thanks for your encouraging comment on our blog! It has been wonderful these past few weeks to share with friends and family about our upcoming adoption from South Africa.

And what a great playhouse you were able to find!

I love the toilet in the attic...that's a nice touch!

I would say that the main function of toys is to help kids develop their imaginations - and it would be silly to put ANY limits on a kid's imagination!


That is one COOL wooden house! Definately worth the $10 and more! The guy sounded completely clueless ... poor shmuck. I hope your little guys love playing with it - almost any toy that holds a child's attention for 30 minutes is well WORTH it :)

Nohe 5

You warmed my heart with this post.


I love it! My kids (both sexes) have always played all sorts of different games together. No one at my house is a stranger to Barbies, Hot Wheels, Dress-up, GameCube, Magnetix, "House", Crafts, etc. Chores at our house aren't gender specific either. Equal opportunity, you know?! 8^)

Amanda/Mayhem Mama

Wendy: You're right! I didn't really think of it that way, but I should have. Boys don't need to be bad to have fun.

Katie, Sunny, Nohe5, and Blaine: Yeah, $10 is definitely worth it for the amount of time Sparkle has already spent playing with the dollhouse. Thanks for commenting!


Yay! :) I'm so glad that the boys liked the new house! If I ever have babies, they will be raised the same way; toys are TOYS. Kids are meant to just have fun with them. I played with dump trucks and had a skateboard. *shrug* I also had dolls, and played with barbies. My parents were hippies and understood that toys are TOYS! :)


What a bargain, I would have snatched this dollhouse up too. Of course you know how I feel about supposed gender based toys. I bought Cody the kitchen set last week, and he really liked it.

I think the grafitti comment would have put me off a bit. I have a tendency to be a little sensitive. Grafetti = inner city = urban = black kids, etc. Of course, I did say I was sensitive.


I absolutely LOVE the play house for the boys - why should it have feminine overtones? It is a house for toys... that both sexes should be able to enjoy. It teaches children valuable social skills and lets them have FUN. Isn't that the main reason we buy things for our kids?

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