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Heidi-happy mom

that sounds a little like me, but I had not figured out the whole caucous thing either, I did vote in the primary, but I refuse to affiliate, so please tell me more. you did this unaffiliated? did I spell that right?

this year has been very interesting, I too have been watching the news, I am with you and the frustration and all.


Good on you for participating! I love how invigorating this primary season has been, with all the record turnouts across the nation.

Our state's primary isn't until MAY. I'm dying over here.


That sounds cool. I haven't done a caucus yet, but now I might have to get off my rear and do it! Although, I'm not sure I'm crazy about the candidates...

Anyway, good for you!



Very cool! I too only follow "out of the corner of my eye", pretty much for the same reasons. You can only care so much, and I have to say I'm pretty jaded. Politicians, none of them seem totally up-front or honest. So no, I don't know anywhere to get good, straightforward info!

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